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Writing novels has been a hobby and passion of mine since high school. I have two works of fiction in progress. I’ve included samples from each to give examples of my narrative style.


Vile is a drama set in medieval France in a world inhabited only by villains. All of the main characters are evil and when their schemes collide, it becomes clear that there is only room for one villain to survive.

Tales of Grimm

Tales of Grimm: How I Survived 5th Grade Math and the Trojan War is the first novel in a series of what will be eight young adult novels focusing on educational and emotional topics that are meaningful to middle and high school children.

In the first of the series, sampled here, Jeremy Grimm, a fifth-grader, walks out of his English class into the Trojan War, where he will learn a lot about facing his problems and a little about practical geometry.


Golden Age: The Tale of Roy Thompson

Henchman is a Super Hero Fiction that follows the adventures of an unlikely Hero, Roy Thompson, who is employed as a professional henchman for a number of minor super villains.

The tongue and cheek story takes place in a world where superheroes exist both on the pages of their comic books and fighting crime on the streets. (Heroes like Doctor Amazing, Cat Man from Kathmandu and the vaunted Guy Turbo do battle with the likes of Professor Von Death, Brock the Rock and Baron Wilderness.)

When a lowly underling, like Roy, does the unthinkable and breaks the unwritten code of Hero/Villain ethics, a chain of events begins with potentially explosive consequences. Can the henchman become a hero like all those he’s always idolized?

Sidekick – Picking up where Henchman leaves off, Roy Thompson has begun his new life as a superhero sidekick. While he enjoys his new life in Metuchen, NJ (operating a newspaper shoppe that sells comics) and fighting on the right side of the law, not all is right with the world.

With the world’s greatest villain gunning for he and Catman can Roy, Ping Pong, once more find a way to overcome impossible odds and save the day? If not, maybe he should look for some help.

Short Story:

Her Pale Blue Eyes is a short piece submitted for an evening of Horror stories with the Bergen County Poets and Fictionaires.  It follows a strange and life altering moment in the adolescent life of one Rick Luccino.  This work has been published and is available for sale at the following link.

The Little Madness is a short story and homage to H.P. Lovecraft. My own take on a lovecraftian horror story brings the reader into the questionable sanity of the narrator as he recounts the sad turn of events that brought him to where he is today.

Le Chat Noir is a short story in which my own cat, Jasper takes a leading role.  The story, told in a noir tone is your typical noir story… excepting that most of the characters are feline.


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