Golden Age: The Tale of Roy Thompson


September 16, 2016 by David.Groveman

Less than a year ago I began writing a novella. Why write a novella? That’s a good question. Novella’s are a hard sell in the publishing world as they are too short to publish on their own and too long to compile into anthologies.

My first Novella, Henchman, was a work of pure joy and I wrote it faster than anything I’ve ever worked on before. With Henchman edited I was faced with the daunting task of trying to get the novella published. Here’s the rub, nobody looks for novella’s.

The silver lining was that the story of Roy Thompson wasn’t finished.

Nearly half-way through the sequel to Henchman a greater work of fiction.  My novella, Henchman, will be joined to the new novella, Sidekick, and a later novella still under development.  With each of these tales totaling approximately 30,000 words, the story of Roy Thompson will take the reader on a journey of 90,000 words through several years of my fictionalized “Golden Age”.

Where do I go from here?

I’m still working on Sidekick and will immediately shift to the next novella when that is complete. What I need to look for is a publisher, or an agent who is interested in an omnibus trilogy. Hopefully, they are a little easier to find than publishers for novellas.


One thought on “Golden Age: The Tale of Roy Thompson

  1. […] Golden Age was stalled with the above Novella underway and my upcoming nuptials but I am once again plugging away at Sidekick, the sequel to Henchman.  I hope to have that novella wrapped in 2019 so that I can begin the last leg of Roy Thompson’s story. […]

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