Publishing Problems

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June 29, 2016 by David.Groveman

In 2015 I had my first work published.  Her Pale Blue Eyes was published by Zimbell House Publishing as part of their horror anthology. It was very exciting for me and I’m honored to have my work available for purchase online. In 2016 I wrote a new piece and it’s been done since May.

Publishers like to deal with agents, and who could blame them? Agents screen the writing and only submit solicited material. The problem here is that novellas are not something most agents wish to deal in. Agents look for novels and often specific types of novels (9 out of 10 times it’s YA). Unable to find an agent I’m forced to look for publishers who are willing to accept unsolicited fiction.

After weeks of hunting, I’ve found one.  Tor, a fantastic publishing house who specialize in Science Fiction and Fantasy, is quite possibly the perfect fit for my novella, Henchman. The only problem is, they are looking for very specific sub-genres and right now they aren’t looking for “Comic Hero Fiction Semi-Historical Campy Adventure“.  They are looking for “Time Travel Space Opera Near Future Thriller Cyberpunk” and so… we wait.


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