Vile Update: All Roughed Up

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January 14, 2015 by David.Groveman

The final section of the final chapter has been written and I have 59,917 words behind me and countless pages of revisions ahead of me.  It just feels really good to have the book completely roughed out.  I can now say, “I’ve written a novel.”  I have.  I haven’t published one, that comes hopefully this summer.

In the meantime I’m keeping thoroughly busy with other writing gigs.

FLAG – Finger Lakes Adventure Gaming: Is undergoing a story refresh and I have volunteered to help.  I’ve drawn maps and invented history and am excited to sink my fangs into running some adventures.  I’m sure I can even work in a little Vile-ness.

Sacred Grounds: Was looking for a Storyteller and I threw my hat into the ring.  Looks like I’ll get a shot to run some adventures in that LARP as well.  Should be an exciting diversion.

Minecraft: My buddy Nick is creating something within the world of Minecraft with a story and wanted my help to work on some of the evil stuff.  Apparently I have more of a rep as a villain guy and not a comedian.

Music: I’ve written a few songs for Sacred Grounds and there is one more that I still have to post.  You should give it a listen.


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