Vile Update: Spoilers!!!

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January 7, 2015 by David.Groveman

He closed the laptop and took a nap.

The final words of the Novel have been written.  The story is mostly told and all that remains is an Interlude.  The Revision process will likely start by the end of the month and that means I need to crack the whip on Reader Group A.

Reader Group B is partially selected and I will share around the first set of revisions with this group to create the third draft which will hopefully be the first manuscript that will be “publisher ready”.

The Novel sits at: 58,466 Words with a short chapter left to add.  I will no doubt expand some in Draft II and then trim in Draft III.  All things considered, it’s come out roughly how I hoped.  I only wish that nap were not a work of fiction.


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