Her Pale Blue Eyes


October 10, 2014 by David.Groveman

In this sample we meet Rick and Jay who are hanging out at the Addley Diner.  Jay begins to invite his best friend out to a local costume party but Rick is distracted by the appearance of a mystery woman.  

Writing Sample:

Jay wanted nothing more than to get his straight-laced buddy to try to enjoy his final months in Addley before he went off into the great big world and left them all behind.  At that moment Jay began one of his famous sales pitches, “So Tina’s got this party…” His voice drifted off.

Rick would have normally paid some amount of attention to Jay and found some sort of reason to decline the invite.  It wasn’t that Rick didn’t want to go to parties or meet girls, he just didn’t like hanging out with Jay and his girlfriend.  Not since Tina tried to jump his bones down at the shore last summer.  None of that mattered at the moment because Rick couldn’t hear his friend’s overtures for completely unrelated reasons.

A girl with pale skin and intense light blue eyes stared out at him from across the room.  He spied her standing over by the pastry case.  He was struck by the intensity of her gaze.  She was staring right at him as if she’d been looking for him for years and couldn’t believe he was really there.  He sensed that something profound had changed inside him when he’d noticed her.  He felt it like a switch somewhere inside him was flicked from standby to go or that the fates had plucked the chords of his destiny like a bass player walking the beat.  Her face burned itself into his visual memory like an old film negative.  And in the same instant of revelation, she was gone.

Someone had cut in front of her on their way out of the Diner and, by the time they’d passed by, she was gone.  He looked frantically around the diner but she wasn’t there anymore. He couldn’t see her out front on the street and unless she was hiding beneath a table occupied by the four elderly gentleman playing cards she couldn’t have ducked easily out of sight.  He considered getting up and investigating the women’s restroom, but something pulled him back to reality.  He had no idea how long he’d been caught in this moment until the sugar packet hit him in the nose.

“Rick!” Jay called from across the table as he flicked a sugar packet off Rick’s nose with deft accuracy, “What the fuck, dude?  I asked you a question.”  Jay was an okay pitcher but if he’d been armed with sugar packets on the mound he’d be unstoppable.


One thought on “Her Pale Blue Eyes

  1. […] 2015 I had my first work published.  Her Pale Blue Eyes was published by Zimbell House Publishing as part of their horror anthology. It was very exciting […]

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