Vile Update: Back to the Plot at Hand

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September 5, 2014 by David.Groveman

The plot is coming to a head as the Night’s Tale begins.  This two part tale is the mid-point of the novel and guides our villains into the rising action.  The Bear and Doctor are on the loose, the Cardinal is heading for Rome and the Empress tries to flee France ahead of the Irishman’s war.  All the threads of the plot are beginning to weave nicely together and I fear I will soon have to say goodbye to some characters who I’ve grown attached to.  As the Author I can’t be too upset.

I have 30,000 some words to tie up all my loose ends and I still have some characters (albeit minor ones) who haven’t made their appearances.  When will the Undertaker, the Leper and other characters make their appearances?  I can’t quite say, but the story is now racing towards its Vile climax.


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