Vile Update: Hopes and Fears

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July 29, 2014 by David.Groveman

I was thinking on my way to work about my villains and what drives them.  I began to make a list but I thought it might be a fun thing to share with the interwebs.

The AuthorLet’s not get into the details of my personal hopes or fears.  We don’t have enough room for the latter.

The BearHe’s driven by instinct and he wishes to cause the world pain because he doesn’t feel loved.  This means that his passion for inflicting harm is directly fed by his fear of being an unloved freak.

The CardinalDreams of power.  He wishes to become Pope and would ascend to the title of God if it were possible.  Again, his fear is that the power he has will be taken away and that the power he covets will go to another.

The DoctorWants redemption for his black and twisted soul but is compelled to do acts he equally knows to be evil.  He fears the blackness of his own soul, hence hiding his physical body beneath a heavy robe and mask.

The EmpressHer fear is what drives her.  She fears that her beauty will fade and the adoration of men will cease to support her waning power.  She is fighting her fear tying her hopes to simply staving off the effects of time.

The FootpadHis hope is to rise above the scum to which he was born.  He wants to bid the streets fairwell and start a new life.  He fears to share the grim fate of his many brothers and sisters.

I’ll write more later on, but for now… Spoilers.


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