Vile Update: My Rogue’s Gallery

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July 28, 2014 by David.Groveman

I watched a documentary called “Necessary Evil” last night.  It was a review of DC villains and “Super Villains” in general.  It’s a fantastic documentary and you should watch it if you have a chance.  That being said it made me think of my own villains and their archetypes.


The Monster: This archetype is generally the primal and twisted beast whose physical prowess is extremely potent.  It’s obvious to any of my readers that the Bear is a Monster.

The Mad Scientist: The book is set in the dark ages but the idea of someone using knowledge or technology to destroy their victims is still alive.  The Doctor is clearly my Mad Scientist.  Emphasis on the mad.

The Dictator: A dictator seeks to control all within his domain completely.  The Cardinal fits this mold nicely.

The Femme Fatale: The Femme Fatale is a female character who uses her sexuality to control men.  I don’t think there is a doubt to anyone that this archetype matches my Empress.


It has me thinking of some of my lesser villains: The Roughneck, The Footpad, The Jew, The Irishman, The Zealot, The Matriarch and all of the others.  In a world of villains the rogue’s gallery will turn on itself and the results are sure to be bloody.


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