Vile Update: Interludes

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July 25, 2014 by David.Groveman

The revisions continue and the chapters are sharpened and honed one by one.  I have managed to not over-pack my weekend with activities so there is the possibility that I might get some writing done then.

I’m feeling off my game and hoping for a rebound of energy with a weekend of sports ahead of me, but I will need to wait for now.  The only silver lining is that dark moods don’t seem to impact dark writing.  Sample:

Infants in their mother’s arms sucking black ichor from their mother’s tainted teets.  Filling their black little bellies and slowly growing into the black little monsters that the Doctor saw blooming all around himself

As you can see… more happy bunnies and butterflies.

I’ll boldly press on into the darkness and depravity of Vile and come up with every awful scenario I can while I’m still feeling so dark.  Eventually I hope to start feeling half-way human again and stop being such a miserable fucker.  Until then, I’ll be staying very Vile.


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