Vile Update: The Heart of a Footpad

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July 24, 2014 by David.Groveman

In a tale of villains you have to have heart.  Well someone does, certainly.  As I’ve mentioned before, my first reader (to actually go through a significant chunk of this version) was a little disenchanted with the lack of humanity in the villains.  Certainly the villains are the way they are for some reason, just as they do the things they do for some reason.  I find that people need these reasons justified to feel fully for the villains in my tale.

To a certain extent people like the Doctor or the Bear and, I believe, if they were the solo villains in the story, there’d be no issue.  As the reader is instead bouncing between parties of such revolting evilness I feel that my reader was justified in requesting a little more humanity.

As the Footpad see’s his sister burning at the stake a funny thing happens.  Her purity and innocence fill her older brother with shame.  He discovers that he does, in fact, have a conscience.  Perhaps the innocence of the Waif will trickle its way through multiple villains as it courses through the very heart of the novel.  It’s a cool idea anyway.

In related news: I’d love it if my readers would pick up the pace a little bit and start reading the sections I’ve revised but I suppose it would force me to double and triple back more frequently.  I WOULD like to get a female reader as I want the book, because theoretically it is a book, to sell, because theoretically it will be sold, to the greater public.  Plus… with all the sex, death and genital violence (YES, you read that correctly) you know HBO will be all over it.


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