Vile Update: Revision Season

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July 23, 2014 by David.Groveman

Duck Season!!!

Rabbit Season!!!

Duck Season!!!

Rabbit Season!!!

Duck Season!!!

Rabbit Season!!!

Revision Season?


I’m currently revising and shopping the first half of the novel.  A live reading of the prologue went very very well.  When I say this I mean, “It made minors leave the room.”  I’m currently revising chapter 3 and getting more and more of the early chapters to a more finely honed level.  I just need to begin to find more humanity in my villains and in a hurry.

Added a lovely paragraph concerning the Bear.  Not sure that redeems him to any great degree though.  I’d love to have more this revision done so I could get back to new story elements though.  I think it’s for the best.

As I revise the story thus far, the story of the future begins to coalesce and shift in strange and wonderful ways.  I’m excited to deal with the fast paced rising action and the devastating climax of the book.  I just need to get there first.

In the end, I miss characters who don’t make their appearances until later in the novel.  I’ll get to the Jew and the Irishman if I’m patient.

Stay Vile My Friends…


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