Vile Update: The Verge of War

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July 9, 2014 by David.Groveman

The Queen of England and the King of France are both looking for an excuse to cross the channel and make bloody war with one another.  The Irishman would like nothing more and all it might take is the death of a Pope or the capture of the Bear.

It’s nice to see, as I begin to reach the half-way point of the novel, that the threads of story are beginning to converge.  The “Rising Action” solidifying more and more in my mind as the character paths collide.

I do wonder about some of the minor characters who have vanished from the tale.  The Nun and the Seamstress have been left behind in the Empress’ wake and I’d like to see the stern older woman and dimwitted merchant make further appearances.

As the Author they are under my control, but I need to justify things and I don’t know exactly how.  The other problem is that there are countless other characters who haven’t even shown their face.  We need to meet the Older Man, Tramp, Undertaker, Leper, Zealot, Young Gentlemen etc… It’ll all happen, but I’m growing impatient for the story to get out of my brain and onto the page.


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