Vile Update: New Characters, New Voices

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July 8, 2014 by David.Groveman

I’ve been writing at a furious and frenzied pace lately, and that is good.  I would love to have a full manuscript to start editing in the near future.  As I ramble along through the path of the book I’m starting to add more and more characters from my lovely poem.

The Jew: I began to write this character and realized quickly that he was serving as comic relief.  It’s not a bad thing in a book where bad things are constantly happening.  The key here is that the Jew is also a villain… though he might not seem it.

A taste:

The day was warm, and this much was good about it.  His leg was sore, he couldn’t see and his wife had spent the evening berating him, but the day was certainly warm.  When he was a boy in Spain, he had spoken to a rabbi as the synagogue burned and asked.  “How can you smile when life is so clearly terrible?” the rabbi had responded, “How can I not?  I was just about to complain that the synagogue was drafty.”

The Pope: Is a character who is interesting.  He is infirm and helpless and yet his mind still works with all the strength it used to.  There has been another chapter of his before but this is the first where his voice comes into play.

A taste:

He wished, for the millionth time, that he would die.  He didn’t wish to commit suicide or have someone murder him, but this life he lived was no life worth living.  To be woken with a hammer, have broth poured down your throat and soil the sheets of a bed you’d never rise from?  How he wished he’d been a simple farmer.  A farmer would have died young and robust with his twilight years far into his future.  Better to die young and poor than old and rich.

The Irishman: Is trying to start a war.  War means profit for those who know how to time things.  Luckily for him, he has the ear of the King of France and the Queen of England.

A Taste:

The Irishman chuckled and cast a grin at his friend, one of his only true friends, before sighing.  “I expect such a meal to be a luxury soon enough.  People in these parts have little enough money and, once the pieces start to fall, there will be no food for men rich or poor.”

I’d like to finish up today with the consecutive word-count around 25,000 as I’m getting close to adding another chapter from version 1.


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