Vile Update: The Empress’ Face Takes Shape

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July 7, 2014 by David.Groveman

One of the largest roadblocks I’ve had as a writer is finding voices that are not my own.  Clearly the bear and the doctor do not speak with the same cadences, but they can both be derived from aspects of my own person.  The bear being my unleashed temper and fury and the the doctor being my cold calculation.  It’s harder, for me anyway, to find a voice suitable for the empress.

I am not, nor have I been, a woman.  Nor am I a particularly vain individual.  (At least as far as the physical self is concerned.)  The Empress, therefore, comes from external reference.  Women I know who need validation from the outside to justify themselves and make them feel whole.

Most people crave external validation, me included, but some people need to elicit it through open flirtation.  This is my empress, and now that she has a face I can better explore her future in the novel.

The novel now sits at 20,000 consecutive words with over 4 chapters written and waiting for their turn in the sequence.  With an overall goal of 50,000 words I am hoping to have this ready for review, some time in the Fall.


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