Vile Update: The Roughneck and Me

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July 2, 2014 by David.Groveman

There is a little bit of me in all the characters I write.  Which is disturbing when I realize what my characters are doing at the moment.  I can be cold and logical like the doctor, needy like the cardinal, temperamental like the bear and petty like the empress.  I suppose we all have our share of negative traits but, now especially, I am focused on mine.

I consider the character of Dick Gray.  He’s the Roughneck who knows not where he’s been.  A practical man who takes delight in nothing.  The very embodiment of what depression is for me.  He’s and interesting character to think about in terms of motivation as he should have no motivation, and yet he does.

Like myself, the Roughneck needs to be needed.  Usefulness is the last refuge of a hopeless man.  What becomes of a man like this if he is to lose even that?  As always, the Author is the most evil character of all.

I am up to 15,000 chronological words with 11,000 words waiting to be re-added from version 1 of novel.  That puts me at about the halfway point in the novel, which is pretty darned exciting.


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