Vile Update: Feeling rather Vile

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July 1, 2014 by David.Groveman

I’m up to 13,000 words in chronological order.  I have a solid 7000 or so written, comprising later events for the main four characters but exploration of the Roughneck, Footpad and others will likely stretch the book well beyond 20000 words by the time the Doctor and the Bear have escaped.  An update:


The Waif is dead

The Doctor and Bear have been captured by the Cardinal

The King of France seeks to use the Bear as an excuse for war with England

The Pope is not at all well

The Empress bought the Girl a new dress

The Footpad ran home to visit the Matriarch

The Roughneck escaped with his life

The Irishman met the Queen

and the Author… keeps writing.


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