Vile Update: More and More Vile Every Day

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June 27, 2014 by David.Groveman

Greetings friends,

I’ve been busy being very naughty… by which I mean, writing my lovely tale of villains.  Now in the middle of the second revision (25,000 words) I have inserted many more characters and interesting (awful) things.  Amongst them, a poem:


B – Is for the bear a mighty fearsome foe

C – Is for the Cardinal whose secrets few men know

D – Is for the Doctor who would cure you of your life

E – Is for the Empress who would make a ghastly wife

F – Is for the Footpad, and

G – Is for the girl

H – Is for the Heathen a brazen foolish churl

I – Is for the Irishman, and

J – Is for the Jew

K – Is for the King, of course, a fact you likely knew

L – Is for the Leper who’s less a man each day

M – Is for the Matriarch with children out to play

N – Is for the Nun who is standing by your grave

O – Is for the Older Man whose life you couldn’t save

P – Is for the Pope you see, and

Q – Is for the Queen

R – Is for the Roughneck who knows not where he’s been

S – Is for the Seamstress, and

T – Is for Tramp

U – Is for the Undertaker out walking with his lamp

V – Is for the Victims who number in the scores

W – Is for the Waif, the Widows and the Whores

X – Is for Expatriates who lie and fool and cheat

Y – Is for Young Gentlemen who think that killing’s neat

Z – Is for the Zealot whose part is rather small, and

A – Is for the author more awful than them all


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