Nagging to the Grave

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February 27, 2014 by David.Groveman

Where ‘Death and Pudding’ explores one’s final thoughts before death.  This monologue explores the thoughts and feelings of those left behind.


Writing Sample:


So this is where you’re choosing to live now? It’s nice… iffy neighborhood though. You know better then I do though. Who am I? Just a mother who wants what’s best for her son. Is that so wrong? It’s a very … Catholic neighborhood. Everywhere I look, I see crucifixes, but if you like it here… (Pause) For pity sake, you’re living next to Jesus, or Hey-Seus or however they’re saying it these days. I’ll stop. I was only kidding. It’s very nice here. It’s quiet and peaceful … I bet Jesus is even a good neighbor. I just wish … I-I… (Pause) I was talking to your brother the other day, the lawyer. He told me to say hi, so… hi. His kids are getting on just fine. They look thin to me, but what do I know. It’s not like I raised to perfectly handsome and healthy young boys? (Pause) He misses you. He’d visit you, but… he’s a lawyer after all and he’s busy. You understand. (The lights begin to rise VERY slowly. They should not be completely up until indicated on the monologue,) Besides, Mama comes and keeps you company. You probably hate it when I come. You always hated when I’d insist on staying and talking with you and your friends when you were playing your video game whoosits, and you really hated it when I’d check in on you and your girlfriends. I think you hated that the most. You were young though, boys and girls that age should not be left alone. That’s how you get herpes. Speaking of which, Rebecca Schuartz asked about you the other day. You could have married her, you know? She always had a thing for you. I know I always called her a shameless slut, but married is considerably better then unmarried. (The lights should be completely up.) For heaven’s sake you’ve got schmutz all over you. (She bends over and with a handkerchief polishes off the tiny headstone.) Don’t they have anyone here who takes care of you? Don’t worry about it I’ll talk to someone. (The lights begin to fade.) Someone has to protect my little boy. It’s what a mother is for…

(Helen goes on talking as the lights fade to black.)


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