Death and Pudding

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February 27, 2014 by David.Groveman

In this monologue, I explored the final moments of Mr. Thomas.  What would be going through someone’s mind as they passed into the afterlife.  What would you think about?  Mr. Thomas thinks of pudding:


Writing Sample:

Mr. Thomas

Mortimer? Mortimer, it’s your move. (Pause) Fallen asleep, eh? Hehe well let’s se- Where’d the board? Mortimer? Where- Where’s Mortimer. (Pause) Oh, Thomas, you old coot! You’re the one’s whose fallen asleep. Probably waiting for Mortimer to move his dang-blasted pawns. Funny though… I wonder why nobody woke me. It’s a strange thing about nursing homes, all the tenants want to do is fall asleep and all the staff does is keep you awake. I suppose they have to. We’re just as likely to not wake up after all. (Pause) Pudding! My mind be damned, I’ve gone and slept through pudding. There is no greater joy in an elderly person’s life, then the sweet caress of pudding. Smooth, creamy, soft… chocolate and tapioca, rice, . (Pause) It’s the only thing I can still do like a kid. The way you first eat pudding is the way you last eat it pudding. Personally I’m not a scooper. It’s the most efficient way, don’t get me wrong, but pudding… should be… as inefficient as possible. I take my spoon … and dip it. As quickly as possible only so long as to coat the plastic with a thin layer of sweet heaven. Then I twirl my tongue around the spoon and drag it out passed pursed lips. I can sit with a bowl of tapioca for three four hours, happy as a clam… happy as a- Where is everyone? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of… hey! There’s a light in the kitchen. Hehehe, how do you like that? I’m gonna get me some pudding anyhow. Just gotta…

(Mr. Thomas struggles up clutching tightly to his walker. He swings himself gingerly to his feet, and shuffles towards the light. He mutters to himself about something until he is offstage. The light offstage brightens and all goes to black. Curtain.)


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